Lesson 5 - Ny student
Mystery of Fantoft - Learn Norwegian using Nynorsk
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1. Hei!

2. Hallo!

3. På flyplassen

4. På Bybanen

5. Ny student
Lessons Text summary

6. I Fantofthallen

7. Ein trist dag

8. Hybelen er ledig

9. Samtale med ein venn

10. På veg til Ikea

11. Ungar som leiker

12. Gåvekjøp

13. Invitasjon til fest

14. På fest

15. Per Spelmann

16. Oppdaginga

17. Mange spørsmål

18. På Bryggen

19. Familien min


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Lesson 5 - Ny student

Ny student

New student

New student

Velkommen som ny student i Bergen!

Welcome as new student in Bergen!

Welcome as a new student in Bergen!

Tusen takk

A thousands of thanks

Thanks a lot

A very common and polite way to say thank you in Norwegian.

Det er fint å studere i Bergen!

It is nice to study in Bergen!

It is nice to study in Bergen!

«Å studere» is a verb in infinitive. In Norwegian, verbs in infinitive usually ends with the letter «e», and they may be preceeded by the marker «å», which corresponds to the English «to».

Eg skal finne nøkkel til deg.

I will find key for you.

I will find you a key.

Vent litt

Wait a little

Please wait

Beklager, men noko er feil.

Sorry, but something is wrong.

Sorry, but something is wrong.

Din hybel er tatt av nokon andre.

Your dormitory is taken by someone else.

Your dormitory is taken by someone else.

Noko = Something

Nokon = Someone

Vi skal finne feilen.

We will find the mistake.

We will find the mistake.

«Feil» can mean both wrong, mistake, fail and error.

Men i nattdu sove i Fantofthallen.

But tonight must you sleep in The Fantoft Hall.

You have to sleep in Fantofthallen tonight.

Fantofthallen is a fitness centre for students at Fantoft. At the beginning of the semester, students who haven't found a place to stay yet, may be allowed to sleep a few nights inside the hall.