Color Match Maker

This page will help you make a color scheme, profile or palette for your project. You can start with one or two colors, and we will help you to find colors that match. If you don't specifiy any colors, we will select some colors at random instead.

First, do you allready have a color you want to include in your color scheme?

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Which color do you need in your scheme?

If you have also have second color you want to have in your scheme, we can try to find a profile with this color too. We might not be able to find a scheme with exactly this color, though. But we will try to replace it with a color which is as close to it as possible.

Do you allready have a second color you want to have in your color scheme?

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Which color would you also like to have in your scheme?

Color schemes

If you see a color you like, click on the color to see more schemes with that color.

You should remember that the less number of colors there are in the scheme, the easier it is to make it look good. We therefore show you the scemes with the least number of colors first.

The schemes are created using harmony rules on the real color circle, where cyan, magenta and yellow are primary colors.

No schemes found.

Please send an e-mail to brettspill1000(a) if you have any feedback, questions or comments.