Astro Mike

Astro Mike is lost in space. He is jumping between asteroids while hunting for coins and searcing for his spaceship.
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A coin transporter has crashed in space, and its coin cargo has been scattered all around the asteroid belt. Hobby astronaut Astro Mike is there to collect these coins, but he has lost his spaceship. Can you help him find his spaceship, and also some more coins?

You can use either touch screen, keyboard or game pad to control the game. This means you can play it both on your phone, your tablet, your computer and on your TV!

The game uses Newton's law of gravity to give each asteroid its individual gravity field. You can jump between the asteroids, and gravity will suck you towards them.

It's based on a prototype I made in QBasic almost 25 years earlier. At that time the computers were so slow, I could not add enemies. It takes time to calculate the complex gravity, so there were only room for the player. With enemies it would be too slow. Today even the cheapest phones are able to run this game.
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